SchoolConnects reduces absenteeism in many schools

When parents are more aware of their child’s attendance record, they are more apt to take action to improve it. With SchoolConnects, this information is delivered to parents in a timely way, in a variety of formats.

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Subtleties that might seem to be just “nice to have” actually make a difference. When delivering an automated attendance message, SchoolConnects can read the student’s first name from a speech library with over 35,000 first names, and also convey the grade of the student, and the periods missed. For parents with more than one child attending schools in the district, this could save the parents a call to the school to clarify which of their children was marked absent. It also saves school staff time by reducing phone calls to the school office.

Daily student attendance data can also be obtained from multiple data sources and then aggregated internally by SchoolConnects. SchoolConnects has the ability to deliver an absence, tardy or a combined absence and tardy message. You can also include period/block/AM or PM indicators and SchoolConnects will include the periods the student was absent and/or tardy.

The system provides reports of all attempts made to deliver messages and their status. Users can also view this information on a per student or per household basis. A caller can be requested to press a key on their telephone to confirm a message. You can also optionally assign a PIN number to parents that complain they are not receiving messages.

Synrevoice is a pioneer in school and district attendance notifications and has over 2 decades of experience, please contact us for more information.

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